We are going to get our Christmas tree tomorrow and it made me think about this craft I did with Sweet Girl when she was almost two years old.  She was really into crafts at a young age and did well with a variety of mediums.  Her love of art is still very evident today and is beginning to show in her sister as well!

I use my children's art work to decorate our living room for the season.  Done on a smaller scale, this would make some nice Christmas cards as well.

Here's a little fact from an Advent booklet I got from Cherrydale Baptist Church:
The first Christmas trees were decorated with real fruit, flowers and lighted candles.  These ornaments were too heavy and dangerous.  German glass blowers started making lighter glass balls as decorations.
We use all sorts of things to decorate our tree from colorful lights to glass balls to wooden and hand-sewn ornaments to candy canes.  This craft is a fun way to get your child excited about getting your Christmas tree or just to celebrate the season!
Fingerpaint Christmas Trees

Supplies Needed:  green construction paper, construction paper for star, Christmas/winter theme foam stickers, a variety of paint colors, glitter glue, card stock, glue stick, crayons

What to do:
  1. An adult will need to cut large triangle shapes from green construction paper and a star shape from another color of construction paper.  Older children can cut along lines drawn by an adult and/or trace templates.
  2. Use a variety of paint colors to finger paint "ornaments" all over the triangles. 
  3. Let the triangles dry.  If the paint is not too thick, it will dry pretty quickly.
  4. Once the triangles are dry, glue them on the card stock.  (I like how our trees come off the page.)
  5. Use the crayons to add a trunk, grass, etc to the picture.
  6. Next, use stickers to add some dimension to the tree.  *Stickers are a great way to get those fine motor skills working!
  7. Use the glitter glue to accent the star.
  8. Hang and enjoy!
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