The gingerbread houses before.
It's always hard for us to take our Christmas gingerbread houses that we've worked so hard on and just throw them in the trash.  A friend of mine, Chrissy M. posted a picture on Facebook of her children demolishing their gingerbread houses.  At first, I thought Sweet Girl wouldn't be up for it, but either way the time had come to get rid of the gingerbread houses. (They were actually made out of graham crackers, but we still called them gingerbread houses.)

I ran the idea across Sweet Girl and she was excited about it.  She said she was going to take her own toolbox outside and hit it with her hammer.  Sweet Girl also said that she may have to use Daddy's hammer if her hammer wasn't strong enough.  I like a girl who thinks ahead!

We even talked about how real buildings are demolished and what safety precautions are taken when a building is knocked down.

With toolbox in hand and "hard hats" on, the girls and I headed outside.  The weather was perfect!  I was waiting for a nice day so the project didn't have to be rushed.  Love Bug was more interested in pushing the shopping cart around the yard, but Sweet Girl was ready for demolition!

Love Bug finally came over and timidly hit her gingerbread house a couple of times.  Sweet Girl came in and gladly helped with the rest.  Everyone tasted the broken pieces  Then, Sweet Girl took the cookie tray of bits and pieces and put it in the back of the yard for the animals so they could "have a treat."  She even added some walnuts from our yard for the squirrels.

I think we may have started a tradition!

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