The Front Porch
We made the bats and Sweet Girl made the jack-o-lantern.
We didn't carve pumpkins this year, so we set out this display of pumpkins the girls decorated.
The mama scarecrow is our new one. The other two we made last year! They are all holding hands.
Breakfast Fun
Foam pumpkin + little snacks = create a face
How cute! I love the green monster hand in the shot! Totally not planned!
Bath Time:  Foam Pumpkins and Shaving Cream
Mama says, "See how you can draw faces?"
Love Bug had her own idea!
Goodie Bags:  Crackers/Cookies, Candy and a 
Tract about "How do you know you're going to Heaven?"
Forty bags of goodies! We had over 50 trick-or-treaters who visited our house. I pray they read the tract!
The Costumes:
  Sweet Girl designed and made her Flying Squirrel costume and Love Bug was Timmy the Sheep from Timmy Time.  
Sage the Squirrel, our visiting flat traveler, dressed like an elephant.
Sweet Girl and Sage the Squirrel.
Back shot of my fuzzy Timmy and Flying Squirrel.
This was the first Halloween I didn't spend at my grandmother's house with my family.  I missed the traditions, but had fun creating memories for my girls at home.  Papa Bear had to work on Halloween, so it was just us girls.  We had never taken the girls trick-or-treating before, but Sweet Girl really wanted to go this year.  Thankfully, I am able to walk pretty well now (I'm still in an air cast), so the plan was to go to our neighbors who are close.  There were very few people passing out candy on our street.  This was our first year being at home, so I didn't know if this was the norm or not.  We walked a little further than I planned so we could go to a few houses.  Then, we visited our next door neighbor, Mrs. B and even though she wasn't passing out candy, she had told me earlier that she would have something special for the girls.  They got a big bag of goodies from her!  

We were only gone for about twenty minutes, but the girls were so excited to be out (at night, no less!), visiting neighbors and getting some treats.  It brought back memories of my youth to see them dump their buckets to see what they had gotten after we returned home.

The girls also loved seeing the costumes of all of the children who came to our house.  Sweet Girl passed out most of the candy and would send everyone off with something like "I like your costume" or "Great costume" or "We'll be going trick-or-treating, too!"   It was so cute to watch.

We ended the night by watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" and read books before bed.  We had a great day and we were thankful we were able to hand out goodie bags this year with the message of God and Jesus.

**Pap-poo always had this giant ceramic pumpkin out for fall.  She actually painted it.  We took our family picture in front of it every year since we've been married through last year.  Now, it's mine and I put it out this year for the first time.**

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