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Every year, a day or so before Christmas, we make a birthday cake for Jesus.  We really stress to our children that this is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas--the birth of Jesus--and that we give presents to celebrate His birthday and to share His love.  We explain that Jesus is God's gift to the world.  This is why we wrap up the baby Jesus from our nativity scene and place the package under our tree.  On Christmas morning, we open the package and place Jesus between Mary and Joseph in the stable.

The entire family can be involved in mixing and prepping the cake for baking.  Children can even help put icing on the cake.  Remember, it's not what the cake looks like, but the love that goes into it.
When Sweet Girl was just two years old, she really wanted to make cupcakes for Jesus, so that's what we did.  She also asked that there be candles on them because what is a birthday without candles?  :)  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and ate our cupcakes after breakfast on Christmas morning.

Last year, we made a round cake and put the "special star" (as we call it) on as a reminder of those who followed the star to see baby Jesus.  Of course, we had candles and sang to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  

This is a tradition that we plan on continuing with our children.  It's neat to see how they get excited to celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ.  After all, that is what Christmas is all about.

What do you do to keep your family focused on the true meaning of Christmas?

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