I was asked on my Facebook page for some Mother's Day craft ideas to do with a kindergarten class.  These cards and crafts are simple enough to be made with a large group, but also would be great to make one-on-one as well.  Having a child make something for Mother's Day is the best gift a mother can receive.

Please remember though, some children do not live with their mother or may not even have a mother, but have another woman figure who is like a mother to them.  They can still do these activities, but instead replace "mommy" with whatever name they call their mother figure (grandma, grandmommy, auntie, nana, etc.) OR do one for their mothers and the mother figures.  This way, these children don't feel left out and the special women in their lives get honored.

I have also include a few links for some yummy looking recipes that you just *might* want to pass on to your husbands for your children to do at home. :)
"Growing" Flower Mother's Day Card
Pictures from http://www.nwf.org
The National Wildlife Federation shared this cute Mother's Day card idea.  It's easy to make and even comes with a template to use for the flowers.  Include a picture of the child to personalize it!

Like with any craft, it's good to have an example of a finished product available for children to see.  This craft has a couple of different steps that would be easier to explain if there was an example to follow.

"Growing" Flower Mother's Day Card
Supplies needed:  One 5" x 15" piece of construction paper, a piece of construction paper (different color), glue, markers,
flower pattern, 3 mini pom-poms and scissors

What to do:
  1. Download and print the flower pattern.
  2. Make three accordion folds in the 5" x 15" piece of paper so you have four panels.
  3. Use the pattern to cut two flowers out of the other piece of construction paper.
  4. Write message on card, as shown. (You could write the message in pencil and ask the child to trace over it with a marker.) 
  5. Draw stem with marker, as shown.
  6. Fold flowers on the dashed lines to add dimension.
  7. Glue on flowers. 
  8. Use pom-poms and markers to make the center of the flowers.

Flip Book Mother's Day Card
This unique idea comes from Spoonful.  Have the child write (or tell Daddy, teacher, etc) to write down six reasons why he/she loves their mother.  Then, have the child illustrate each reason.  On the last page, write something like "You are the best!" and have the child draw a picture of him/herself with his/her mother.

Directions with pictures on how to make this card can be found 

Paper Plate Basket
Oriental Trading posted this colorful paper plate basket idea to hang on your door on their DIY Friday post on Facebook.  It's very easy and allows for a lot of creativity.

Paper Plate Basket
Supplies needed per wreath:  2 paper plates, paint, scissors, glue or stapler, and a variety of embellishments (silk or paper flowers and jewels or something to add a little sparkle are some ideas)

What to do:
  1. Cut a paper plate in half, then glue or staple the rims together, leaving the top of the “basket” open. 
  2. Using another paper plate, cut out a section of the rim to create a handle for your basket. Glue it into place on the inside back of the basket. 
  3. Paint the basket a color of your choice.
  4. Set your basket aside and allow to dry completely.
  5. Once the paint is dry, embellish the basket with things a mother would love!
  6. Fill the "basket" with artificial plants/grass or more flowers!

Another (More Simple) Basket
Another cute idea from The National Wildlife Federation.  This one is more simple than the basket above and would be great for younger children to do. 

May Basket
Supplies needed:  a sheet of construction paper (color of your choice), markers and crayons, stickers, tape or glue, single-hole puncher and a 12 inch piece of colorful ribbon or yarn

What to do:

  1. Use crayons, markers and stickers to decorate the paper.
  2. Roll the paper into a cone shape. Secure it closed with glue or tape.
  3. Punch a hole on both sides (about a 1/2 inch from the top) of the basket. 
  4. Thread the ribbon or yarn through each hole and tie to make a handle.
  5. Fill with flowers or treats like Hershey kisses.

Easy Chocolate Truffles (www.spoonful.com)
Easy Fluffy Scones (www.bbcgoodfood.com)
Fancy Jam Roll-ups (www.spoonful.com)
Strawberry Rosebuds (www.spoonful.com)

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