Do you have any idea why Americans celebrate National Donut Day on June 7th every year?  I saw it referred to as an "epic holiday" on one website. 

Maybe you thought there was no good reason except to get business into the donut shops.  I honestly thought it was just another one of those crazy "holidays" that someone came up with as a gimmick.  Well, I was wrong.  

From The Salvation Army's webpage

The first National Donut Day was celebrated by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to help raise needed funds during the Great Depression and commemorate the work of the "donut lassies" who helped make the donut what it is today by feeding the tasty confection to American soldiers during World War I. The donuts became synonymous with The Salvation Army, as well as the American soldiers who were returning home with the nickname, "doughboys."
Some other fun facts from the Salvation Army's web page:
  • National Donut Day was started by The Salvation Army during the Great Depression.  It was a way to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army's social service programs.
  • Female Salvation Army volunteers were called "donut lassies" and these women provided writing supplies, stamps, clothes-mending and home-cooked meals for soldiers on the front lines.  They also supplied donuts. 
  • There were limited resources available during the war to make donuts.  These treats were fried, only seven at a time.  Where did they fry them?  According to the website, The Salvation Army's Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance are credited with the idea of frying donuts in soldiers' helmets.

Here is a video with some neat footage about the history behind National Donut Day.  Watch it with your children before you go and get your free donut.

And what's the deal with "donut" and "doughnut" -- which one is correct?  Turns out both are.  It just depends where you are buying them.

After learning more about this holiday, I am more inclined to want to go and get a donut.  I wish there was some sort of hand-out that came with every free donut that told people about the history of the day. 

So, when you are eating your free donut today, stop and think about those Salvation Army volunteers who gave their time and service to our servicemen during the war and for those soldiers who fought.

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