I am a total planner and had thought about going to this workshop, but never registered.  I called this morning and they said you could just drop in.  I don't usually go out after dinner (workshop was at 7 p.m.), but I kept it in the back of my mind.

The evening was running somewhat smoothly, so the girls and I headed out to our local community center for our first ever community workshop.  We all were quite excited.

As we entered the room, on time mind you, the room was already packed full of families working on their dough ornaments. In fact, they opened up a divider to the adjacent room to make more space.  From what I could tell, the community center underestimated the popularity of this workshop.  However, there were plenty of supplies and dough ornaments to go around. They did run out of glitter though. :)

For just $3/each, we got to choose a pre-made dough ornament and pipe cleaner for hanging and brushes, glitter and all the paint we needed were provided.  At first, I had just gotten an ornament for each of my girls, but ended up getting one for myself, too.

The room was set up very nicely with covered tables and a paint station.  They also had youth volunteers going around asking if we needed more paint or a fresh cup of water to clean out our brushes.

My girls really loved the change of scenery, sense of adventure and joy of painting.  Love Bug left with a paint-covered arm and paint on her face and in her hair.  This mama did not stress out one little bit because I saw the fun she was having and it washed off!

Love Bug did try to bite the ornament a couple of times.  I don't blame her, it looks just like a puffy cookie, but it is really hard.  I gave her a few Teddy Grahams when we got home to make up for it.

*Dough ornaments are fun and easy to make.  They make special gifts, too.  Check out this recipe from AllRecipes.com to do this activity at home with your family.
After finishing our ornaments and getting cleaned up, we drove around our neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights.  I'm sure the people behind me didn't like that I was driving so slow so my girls could take in the sights.  I even tried to take back roads, but still got stuck with people behind me.  At least nobody honked at me. ;)
After enjoying the ride around the neighborhood, we came home, got in our pajamas and watched "Frosty the Snowman."  So thankful for precious time making special memories with my girls. 

Have you stepped outside of your comfort zone this season and done something out of the ordinary/fun?  I'd love to hear about it!

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