Check out the moon that night.
Seemed like all of my Facebook friends (even some that aren't local) went to a Christmas tree lighting this past Friday.

We didn't exactly make the actual lighting, but I was not about to rush through dinner once I realized we probably weren't going to make it.  I'm really trying to stay focused on not stressing myself or others (especially the girls) in the process to do what are supposed to be fun, family activities.  Can anyone else relate? :)

A funny story once we arrived....
We got an awesome parking spot (thank you Lord!) and started heading over to the Christmas tree.  A family was coming the other way down the sidewalk, so I pushed the umbrella stroller over more to the side.  I thought I had gone off the sidewalk and into the grass, but realized our stroller had a lost a front wheel!  My husband offered to push it since there was no fixing it.

We saw the tree and got some pictures before heading up towards the museum.  The path looked very nice lit up with tea lights in white paper bags.  We had a few steps to contend with, but otherwise all was going well.  Until.....we got our cookie and cider.  My husband, who was holding a cup of cider, said he needed help and wanted me to take the cup.  I couldn't exactly figure out why, but then he told me that the other front wheel had come off the stroller!  There Sweet Girl sat tilted forward a bit with her cookie in hand.  She wanted out of that thing!

Obviously, the stroller was trash.  I went to close it up and the latch snapped.  We were having quite the eventful night and we had just gotten there! Needless to say, we dropped the stroller off in the nearest trash can.

After laughing the stroller incident off, we ended up having a really nice night.  We got to go on a free wagon ride around town and take in the beautiful Christmas lights.  We also stood by the skating rink and watched everyone make their way around.  Sweet Girl said hi to almost everyone who passed her.

Afterwards, we enjoyed seeing our neighborhood lit up with lights as we went home.
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