We had a busy Saturday doing a lot of fun, free activities in our neighborhood.  We started off the morning with a VERY special breakfast as we awaited Santa's passing on a local fire truck. (We don't "do" Santa per say, but this is still a fun neighborhood tradition.) I served the cinnamon buns, along with fruit, on snowman-themed plates for added fun.  This made for easy clean-up, too, for our busy day ahead!

Santa and the fire truck arrived around the same time he does every year.  We all went outside in the front yard to wave at him.  They even had a float loaded with teenagers who threw candy canes to the curb for us.

Next on the list was to go to Chick-fil-A (CFA) to see Santa Cow and Baby Cow Elf.  The girls were very excited, especially Sweet Girl who LOVES the cow!  We got there and the restaurant was very busy.  I assumed everyone was there to see Santa Cow. 

When I asked when he was coming out, I was told Santa Cow was out at breakfast time and wasn't planned to come out again until dinner.  Apparently, his last round was at noon.  We got there around 12:45 p.m.  However, the wonderful staff said they would "look into it."

I couldn't believe that I had gotten my information wrong.  I sat there trying to check my CFA's Facebook page to confirm what they told me....like that was going to make a difference.  Sweet Girl kept asking about Santa Cow and Baby Cow Elf and when they would be coming out.  I told her I wasn't sure if they were going to be coming out at all.  So, there we sat eating our lunch, when we see this......
All I have to say is that the staff at my CFA rock.  Sweet Girl was so excited!  She got right out of her seat to greet Santa Cow.  Love Bug, on the other hand, wasn't so sure of him at first, but eventually did give him a high five.  Santa Cow spent some time visiting at our table and even danced with Sweet Girl to "Winter Wonderland" which is one of her favorite Christmas songs.  Though Sweet Girl was sure to point out to me that she was watching Santa Cow dance and that she was not dancing with him.  She did ask about Baby Cow Elf, but was told the baby was taking a nap. :)

After lunch, we headed home for our own quiet time.
After eating an early dinner, we headed to the end of our street to watch our community's annual Light Parade. We were thankful for the warm weather this year as we sat watching the parade go by. 

We had a lot of fun listening to the marching band, watching the dancers and of course, seeing the vehicles and floats lit up as they drove down the street.  Santa made another appearance at the end of the Parade.
It was a very fun-filled Saturday with the family and all it cost was the price of lunch.  I'm always looking for fun, inexpensive ways to have fun with my girls, especially during special times like the Christmas season.

What are some fun, inexpensive activities that your family does to celebrate Christmas?

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