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We were very thankful that we got to spend the entire day with Papa Bear on his birthday last week.  The girls and I had a lot of fun taking him to Golden Corral for lunch.  The girls were so excited just to be with Papa Bear and celebrating with him.

For his birthday dinner, I got pork chops for Papa Bear to cook on the grill.  The weather was so nice out!  Love Bug liked to keep waving at Papa Bear, from a safe distance, while he grilled.  Sweet Girl was interested in catching bugs.

We had a lovely family dinner together.  We are enjoying all of the time we are getting to spend with Papa Bear while he isn't working.  We don't know what his schedule will be like when he does get a job, so we are thankful for what we have now.  (That's the way it should be anyway, right?)

The big excitement of the day was the Rocky Road Dessert Pie/Cake.  Papa Bear looks forward to it every year.  Sweet Girl was also looking forward to it.

Everyone loved the cake!  The car decorations went along with the colorful streamers and the couple of race-car themed print-outs I hung up.

After cake, Papa Bear opened his presents and cards.  The girls were very proud of their birthday card creations and who doesn't like helping open presents?

The idea was that Papa Bear had a fun, relaxing birthday.  Mission accomplished.

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