Sweet Girl and I had so much fun the year before last at a Valentine's party planned by the mom's group I was attending.  Each child brought valentine cards for everyone and a snack to share.  So, last year I planned the party.  There weren't going to be many of us there, but I was so excited!  I had ordered a couple of crafts from Oriental Trading, Valentine bags to put the cards in and prepared a goodie bag from my girls to each child coming.

Sadly, both of my girls were sick and we couldn't attend the party.  My husband dropped everything off at church so it would be there for the party.  Turned out that almost everyone who had planned to come couldn't because they had a sick child!  

I decided to make the day extra special at home because Sweet Girl had really been looking forward to going to the party.  Here are some pictures of what I did last year for Valentine's Day.
Love Bug's spot. Sweet Girl picked out the elephant for her so Love Bug could think of her.
Sprinkles and a few M&Ms added fun to the breakfast Valentine plate.
Dinner plate. Notice the carrot in the middle of the heart of carrots? It came out of the can that way.
Sweet Girl's spot.
Heart-shaped toast with lunch.
Papa John's offered heart pizza. I just had to get one!
This year, Sweet Girl has declared Valentine's Day heart day and pink and red day.  So, we will try to do a lot of pink/red food and crafts with hearts.

Valentine Day Party Planning

  • Decorate your home with hearts, cupids, streamers, etc.  You don't even have to buy anything.  Print pictures from your computer, cut them out and glue on construction paper.
  • String red Christmas lights across the room.
  • Hang up any Valentine theme artwork to help make things festive.
  • Leave a Valentine card and present at your child's spot at the table.  Go all out making it look extra special.  We usually give books, stickers, etc.  I try to stay away from too many sweets.  Flowers would be fun, too!
  • Make a pink smoothie for breakfast with heart-shaped toast.
  • Make heart-shaped ice or Jell-O.
  • Cut any food you can into heart shapes.
  • Eat foods that are pink and red.
  • Make foods pink or red:  vanilla pudding, apple sauce, milk
  • Use pink, red, white or heart-shaped sprinkles on whatever you can!  I even snuck in a few Valentine M&Ms as a special treat.
  • Use Valentine plates and napkins for meals and snacks.
  • Wear red or pink or heart-print clothes.
  • Order (or make) a heart-shaped pizza.
  • Make heart-shaped cookies, pancakes or biscuits.
  • Make some sweet treats like these family-style S'mores from Kids Activities blog (thanks, Jen for the link), cookies or eat some Valentine chocolates.
  • Read books about Valentine's Day.  One I like is "The Story of Valentine's Day" by Nancy J. Skarmeas.
  • Watch a Valentine movie/show such as Word World's "My Fuzzy Valentine" or Peanuts "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown."
  • Do some heart-shaped crafts.
Heart-shaped Animal Craft

The possibilities are endless with this craft!  There are a lot of animals you can create just by using hearts.  You can keep it simple with butterflies and fish or get more into it with elephants and penguins.  Here is the 
template for the elephant one we made.  Sweet Girl has made one the past two years and wants to make it again this year!

Supplies needed:  A variety of sizes of hearts cut from different color construction paper, crayons, glue stick, construction paper (for background), scissors, embellishments:  wiggly eyes, pom-poms, stickers, etc and a few examples (or pictures of some) to get the creative juices flowing

What to do:
  1. Show your child a few examples of different animals they can make using heart shapes.
  2. Have the craft area set up with the paper hearts (or supplies for your child to cut out his/her own hearts) and other supplies.
  3. Create away!
  4. Use embellishments to add detail to the heart-shaped animals.
  5. Display for all to see!

What special ways do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your children?

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