It's been months in the making given the work that my husband had to do to finish the siding on the house, but we have finally refinanced our home loan!  It is going to be so satisfying to have our house paid off in fifteen years instead of thirty years!  Plus, we got a great interest rate!  Our house will be paid off around the same time our girls are out of high school.  Not that I'm rushing the time by any means. :)

We went through the Scott Hardy Mortgage Team, Debt and Inquiry Advisors at American Security Mortgage Corporation on the recommendation of a friend for whom we will be forever grateful.  I knew from the first time that I spoke to Scott Hardy, the branch manager, that he had our best interests at heart.  I had tons of questions (this is a big step!) and he was always there to answer them in a way that I could understand.  He even put up with two young children in the background of most of our conversations.

I didn't feel like we were "just a number" at all through the process.  Scott took the time to create spreadsheets with a variety of options for us since we weren't sure what we wanted/could do.  Again, he was just a phone call away to discuss things with us.

Scott's friendly and honest demeanor made it very easy to talk with him and to be frank about our situation.  I truly enjoyed the phone conversations we had and learned a lot about the loan/refinance process along the way.

Over all of these months, we never met Scott in person.  I did most of the communicating with him either via phone or email.  We were excited to finally get to meet him in person today.  Sweet Girl asked every man in the office, "Are you Mr. Scott?"  She's so precious.  I would tell her when I had to call Mr. Scott or send him a message about business, so she knew that I was "doing business" with him and was eager to finally get to meet him.

When we finally got to meet Scott, he went to shake my hand.  I felt that was so formal given all of our phone calls and such and told him I feel I should give him a hug, so I did!  He spent some time meeting the family and talking with us during the signing.  Scott is just a nice guy to be around!  The lender they work with was great, too!  He didn't mind the girls walking around the room and pushing buttons on their "talking book" while we signed papers.   We will be forever thankful for everyone's hard work to secure our refinance and for their patience during the time my husband was finishing the siding work on our house.  

I highly recommend American Security Mortgage Corporation, Scott Hardy and his team.  We actually have a couple of family members who we are going to encourage to use Scott for some upcoming house business they need to take care of.

If you are looking to refinance, sell or buy or know someone who is, please consider using American Security Mortgage Corporation.   Their contact information is below.

Scott Hardy, Branch & Team Manager
8001 Braddock Road, Suite 101 | Springfield | VA | 22151
phone: 703.426.6973 | team: 703.425.8700 | fax: 888.447.4135
shardy@scotthardymortgage.com  Braddock Road

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