I have to say that the snow making science kit I got at the Dollar Store really paid off.  It worked great and was a lot of fun.  

The kit says age 12 years and up, but I sat right there the entire time with Sweet Girl and didn't let Love Bug touch it at all.  I have to admit that I freaked out when Sweet Girl got some of the powder on her face.  My husband looked up the ingredients and it turned out to be harmless, but I was worried because the warning label had the word "chemicals" on it.  This was a good lesson on how we always need to think safety first!

We mixed up the "snow" in a container that I could put a lid on.  I gave a closed container to Love Bug for her to look at--with my supervision of course.  I did let Sweet Girl touch and play with it some.  Afterwards, we immediately washed our hands.

It was neat how it looked and even kind of felt like snow, but wasn't cold.  Sweet Girl wanted to build a snowman with it or make snowballs, but the "snow" didn't stick.

This was a fun learning experience and a 'cool' way to celebrate the first day of winter.

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