Now that you have made your toilet paper penguins, turn them into functional art with the following activities.  This first one is a chant.  Your child can use his/her penguin to act out the position words through out the chant.  Make sure you have something available that the penguins can go "in" and "out" of.  This could even be done with a stuffed penguin if you have one.  The chant could also be changed to be about any animal or stuffed friend.
The Penguins
taken from The Mailbox
 Dec/Jan 2007-2008 issue

The penguins are here; the penguins are there.
The penguins, the penguins are everywhere.

The penguins are up; the penguins are down.
The penguins, the penguins are all around.

The penguins are in; the penguins are out.
The penguins, the penguins are all about.

The penguins are low; the penguins are high.
The penguins, the penguins all say good-bye!

This next one was originally written to do with a class, but you can still do this one at home with some props.  All you need are five pictures of penguins.  You could have your child color and cut out five little penguins, download pictures from the internet, cut them from nature magazines or even use penguin stickers.  Paste the pictures on heavy card stock and/or have them laminated.  You could even paste the pictures to the end of large craft sticks like puppets.  These five penguins will help your child learn to count backwards from five.  Manipulatives like this are also great for practicing one-to-one counting...forward or backward!

Before doing the poem, check out this video titled "Five Penguins" from Sesame Street.  It's a great video that shows how penguins waddle, swim and move.
Penguin Action
written by Cathy Seibel--PreK teacher, Head Start
posted in The Mailbox

Five little penguins standing on the shore.
One dove in and then there were four.
Four little penguins sliding down, "Whee!"
One went too far and then there were three.
Three little penguins don't know what to do.

One waddled off and then there were two.
Two little penguins having lots of fun.
One went home and then there was one.

One little penguin sitting in the sun.
He/She went to sleep.
Now the penguin song is done.

Now, for a few fun penguin facts to wow your little one with courtesy of The Mini Page (July 11, 2004) from my penguin file.  Penguins:
  • have special glands in their bills that get rid of excess salt.  This allows them to drink the salty ocean water.
  • like to be with other penguins.  They are more social than other birds.
  • sleep in the water.
  • have more feathers than most birds, but they overlap like roof shingles to keep them warm and dry.

I hope you learned something new about penguins.  Have fun with the activities!

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