I know I've mentioned it before, but since I couldn't/can't drive due to my broken, now healing, leg, we have been using the library story time theme for our own story time at home.  Sometimes we have turned it into the theme for the week.  It's been fun having the themes picked out for me.  If I plan far enough ahead, Papa Bear has been able to pick up books and/or videos that I have put on reserve at the library.  If not, we look around the house for books that go along with the theme.

This week's theme sort of caught me off guard--soup of the day.  I had no idea what I was going to do with that.  I was talking to Sweet Girl about the theme and told her we didn't have any books about soup, but that we would figure something out.  That's when she came up with the idea of reading "Martha Speaks" books since Martha is a dog that ate alphabet soup and can talk.  What a great idea!!   So, that's what we read for our books.

Before we read though, we headed outside for an alphabet soup activity.

"Making" Alphabet Soup

The girls had so much fun with this activity.  It was raining, so we did the activity on the front porch.  They loved adding the "ingredients" and "serving" the soup with ladles.  We sang the ABC's song while our soup "cooked."  I would ask Sweet Girl what letters were in my bowl or to ladle out a specific letter.  What a fun way to work on letter recognition!   OF course, I let the girls just play and do their own thing, too.  Before long, things got a bit wet and by the end, it was obvious that a change of pants was in order for both girls before story time!  

What you'll need:  A big soup pot (a lid is a plus!), smaller pots, ladles, bowls, spoons, foam alphabet letters (they float) and water

We brought the water out in the OJ container so the girls could pour it in.
The girls did not hesitate to get in on the fun!
The girls loved using the big ladles. This is Sweet Girl adding to the pot.
Before long, all of the soup was in the bin!
Alphabet Soup Craft

After a change of pants, socks and shoes we cozied up on the couch and read a couple of "Martha Speaks" books.  Then, we headed to the table for our craft.  There are numerous ways to create alphabet soup, but I went with what I had.  :) The girls had a little snack while I finished prepping the craft and cutting out the pieces for Love Bug.  Sweet Girl loves to cut and even insisted on cutting out some of her letters perfectly!  I love how both of the girls put a letter right on their spoon!  That was Love Bug's idea. :)

Supplies needed:  construction paper (color of your choice), circles to trace (we used a small dinner plate for the big circle), pencil, scissors, gluestick, markers or crayons, alphabet letters print-out and spoon template (I printed it full size).  Note:  Save print-out and template as a picture and then print.

What to do:
  1. Trace a big circle on your construction paper.
  2. Trace a smaller circle inside and outline it with marker or crayon.
  3. Cut out the larger circle.
  4. Cut out alphabet letters and glue them in your bowl.
  5. Cut out spoon template and glue to your bowl.
  6. Use markers or crayons to add vegetables or noodles to your soup.

*You could even have your child spell out short words in the soup.  They can even make "BILLY" or "MARIA" or "MAMA" soup!

**Take the whole "soup of the day" theme further and make soup for dinner!  We are trying chicken tortilla soup!
Sweet Girl's (with lots of drawings underneath) and Love Bug's soups bowls.

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