This week's story time theme was snowmen.  We did a felt board activity counting snowmen and of course we read some great books.  

The books we read this week were:
  • Snowmen at Night by Buehner.  I've read this one before, but this was the pop-up version!  A fun story about what snowmen may do at night when nobody is watching.
  • Snowballs by Ehlert.  I love her books.  Sweet Girl loved how the pictures were actually collages.  Plus, you get to turn the book sideways to see the big snow people.  
  • What Do You Need to Make a Snowman? by Shertle.  This was a new book to me.  I liked how it had everyone working together to make a snowman.

We also did this cute song:
I'm a Little Snowman
sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little snowman,
Round and fat.
(Open arms wide in a circle shape)

Here are my eyes,
(Point to eyes)

And here is my hat.
(Tap top of head)

I love to play with children,
Dogs and cats,
(Pretend to play)

And catch some snowflakes-just like that!
(Wiggle fingers downwards like it's snowing)

As if all of this wasn't exciting enough, Miss Anna said that we were going to build a snowman!  Then, she brought out a large styrofoam snowman shape.  She asked the group what was missing and added the pieces in as the children said them.  (The eyes, nose and button pieces were from a snowman kit and the mouth was construction paper.) I wish I had thought of this idea when I was teaching!  The children were really engaged and many stopped by after craft time (which was a paper snowman) to say hi to the snowman they had "built."

My girls and I LOVE story time each week.  The girls get to see Snaily Snail (Miss Anna's puppet), interact with other children, hear some great stories and usually do a craft.  I get a sheet with books to read and fingerplays/songs to do at home.  Plus, the staff at our local library is AWESOME!

Here's how the snowman came together.
Love Bug and Sweet Girl saying good-bye to the snowman.

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