Another fun season of crafting and cooking is upon us!  It seems that the holiday season just lends itself to making treats and cute crafts to decorate the house or give as gifts.  I have already shared a few ideas over at SuperNOVAMommy, so make sure you check those out!  

Here is another treat that is sure to be a hit with everyone and is a great project for the entire family.  I love how you can incorporate shapes, counting and the use of fine motor skills into this recipe.  How fun would it be to have these on the plates at the Thanksgiving table; maybe as place cards?  These would make thoughtful gifts for the neighbors, too!   

These cookies have become a tradition for us and I was pretty bummed at first that I didn't have time to decorate them before our guests came this past Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner.  Then, I got the grand idea of letting the children decorate them while we waited for dinner.  As I was getting the supplies together, I thought the grown-ups might want to join in, too.  And they did!  Everyone had fun chatting and creating their own versions of "the turkey cookie" around the table and it bought us some time while my husband cut the turkey.  We took the leftovers and made more with my niece the next day. I love how different everyone's looked.

So whether you make them ahead of time or the day of, these cookies are sure to be  “gobbled” up fast! 
Turkey Cookies
Carefully placing the candy corn "feathers"
Supplies Needed:  A roll of sugar cookie dough (make it easy on yourself, it is the holidays after all), a rolling pin, wax paper, raisins, 5-7 candy corns per cookie and Icing Writer or other small tubes of different colored icing

What to do:
1. Roll out cookie dough as directed.  Cut circle shapes. A small glass works well for this. *I was short on time this year and just cut the roll as directed.  It made the cookies a little smaller, but it worked out fine for this project.

2. Bake cookies as directed.

3. Allow cookies to cool completely--otherwise your icing will run.

4. "Draw" a thick line of icing around the top part of each cookie.

5. Press candy corn onto icing. This will make your turkey's tail feathers.

6. Use icing to draw on eyes, beak and feet.  We also used raisins for eyes and candy corns for beaks.  Be creative!

7. Let icing set before packaging.  Put a piece of wax paper in between each cookie if you are stacking them.

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